In 2021 the CiS Group is once again one of the best employers in the world.

In 2021 the CiS Group is once again one of the best employers in the world.

In 2021 the CiS Group is once again one of the best employers in the world

The CiS Group, headquartered in Krefeld, once again belongs to the world’s best employers. A WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) audit performed in a production plant in the Czech Republic determined that the workplaces and working conditions, such as occupational safety, wages and working hours, health and safety, as well as the management system and the environmental management were of the highest standard and considerably better than the worldwide, national and sector average.

According to this, the neutral auditor “Intertek Group plc”, headquartered in London, confirmed that out of the 12,848 companies audited up to now CiS systems s.r.o., with the top rating, is one of the most employee-friendly companies. The average of all companies audited up to now is 78 out of 100 possible points. With an exceptionally good audit result of 100 points in all audited areas CiS hence also achieves the best possible place in 2021, as it did in previous years.

“I am particularly pleased that Intertek once again confirmed such an excellent audit result, says Peter M. Wöllner, owner and managing director of the CiS Group. “I would like to thank all employees and our local company and human resources management for this excellent commitment, especially in these particularly challenges times of the corona pandemic.”

“The CiS family provides the framework for a good and trustworthy working environment. For us it is absolutely important to live our ethics and code of conduct at all levels, so that our employees experience a feeling of safety and wellbeing in an atmosphere of respect with each other in a family enterprise,” added Doris Wöllner, CSR officer in the CiS Group.

As a recognized brand assembler and system technology and mechatronics provider, CiS relies on sustainable concepts, quality, speed and reliability on behalf of its clients. From the perspective of these clients, CiS is today the best on the market. The clients particularly appreciate CiS’s contribution to its “total cost of ownership” and consequently an increasing enhancement of its competitiveness.

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