Kabelkonfektionär CiS electronic GmbH wieder wie gewohnt mit starker Lieferperformance

Kabelkonfektionär CiS electronic GmbH wieder wie gewohnt mit starker Lieferperformance

Cable assembler CiS electronic GmbH once again with excellent delivery performance as expected

The CiS Group with its headquarters in Krefeld and production locations in the Czech Republic and Romania is successfully advancing its "i-Speed" strategy.

Incoming orders and revenue rose again last year and CiS grew faster than the average market. Above all, this was achieved through our loyal existing customers, as well as by acquiring new customers. In the future, CiS will continue to focus on sustainable growth in all areas and is thoroughly preparing for the expected changes brought on by Industry 4.0 and the increasing digitisation and dematerialisation in the next decade.

Thanks to the high level of commitment of all CiS employees, the special challenges on the job market in the Czech Republic were overcome and the necessary positions successfully filled.

We accelerated our production throughput times for cable assemblies and shortened our delivery times again by increasing production capacities and optimising processes even more efficiently using the specially developed CiS "CPS” production system. We now offer a delivery time of 4 weeks for standard products - as our customers expect - and 5 weeks for complex products and assemblies according to material availability.

If our customers require delivery times even shorter than 4 to 5 weeks, according to material availability, the CiS staff will be happy to assist and advise them on the various and individual options for processing call-off and framework transactions. This means that we can offer delivery times of up to 24 hours, depending on our customers' demands and their market requirements.

CiS is a renowned provider of brand-name cable assembly, system technology and mechatronics, a reputation founded upon placing sustainable concepts, quality, speed of response and reliability at the service of its customers. In the view of these customers, CiS is now one of the best on the market. In particular, customers appreciate the active contribution that CiS makes to their "total cost of ownership", which in turn promotes and enhances their competitiveness. CiS is committed to systematically expanding this leadership position in the sectors of automation, automotive, banking, mechanical engineering, medical technology, open-loop, metrology and closed-loop technology, transport, communications and railway technology, and in the fields of energy and environmental technology.

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