Cable manufacturer CiS electronic GmbH receives award from SIEMENS

Cable manufacturer CiS electronic GmbH receives award from SIEMENS
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Cable assembly company CiS electronic GmbH receives an award from Siemens

The cable assembly company CiS electronic GmbH with registered office in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania has received a recognition award at a festive event organised by SIEMENS AG. In its logistics competition held in 2014/2015, SIEMENS AG in Karlsruhe reached the conclusion that CiS electronic GmbH was ranked 3rd among about 50 assessed suppliers in the area of e-mechanics/mechanics due to its outstanding logistics services.

The managing director Andreas Cellar and supply chain manager André von Bremen as well as the branch manager in the south, Frank Pauschert, personally accepted this honourable award. ‘We have been successfully working with Siemens AG for over 30 years. We are proud to be able to accept this award on behalf of all CiS employees. The result is both a commendation and an incentive to us,’ Andreas Cellar said in a short address.

As a highly-respected brand assembly provider, CiS focuses on sustainable concepts, quality, speed and reliability in serving its customers, who consider CiS to be one of the leading companies in the market. Customers value, in particular, the active contribution of CiS to their ‘total cost of ownership’ and, thereby, a continual boost in their competitiveness. The strategy of CiS is aimed at further expanding its leading position in the sectors of engineering, automation, automotive, medical technology, banking, instrumentation and control technology, transport, traffic and railway technology as well as energy and environmental engineering.

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