CiS Group is again one of the best employers in the world in 2017

CiS Group is again one of the best employers in the world in 2017

Once again, CiS Group is among the best employer’s in the world in 2017.

The CiS Group has its headquarters in Krefeld and production locations in Czech Republic and Romania, and just as in 2014, it is among the world’s best employers.

A WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) audit completed at the production location in Czech Republic has determined that the jobs and working conditions like work safety, wages, and working hours, health and safety, and the management system and environmental management are at the highest level and also clearly above both the worldwide average and that inside the country.

The neutral auditor “Intertek” has confirmed that CiS systems s.r.o. received a top rating and is among the most employee-friendly companies out of the 12,848 companies that were audited. The average of all of the companies audited up until now is 78 out of 100 points. With an extraordinarily good auditing result of 100 points in all of the audited areas, CiS was awarded the best-possible place again in 2017.

In the context of CiS, the following factors contribute to this top rating.

  • very clean, safe, bright, and quiet workstations
  • availability of influenza vaccination
  • minimalized use of unhealthy work materials
  • availability of 6 free massages/year for all employees
  • extra vacation of up to 5 days
  • free language courses to learn German
  • bus transport to work and home again
  • free admission to the swimming pool for parents and their children
  • family-friendly single-shift model for mothers
  • wherever possible, part-time workplaces and home office models for young mothers
  • reduced admission to cultural events like the Wallenstein Festival or theatre and musical performances in Prague and Liberec
  • availability of daily fresh-cooked and healthy food
  • two company parties each year including a raffle
  • signalling solidarity by regularly providing work to handicapped people
  • CiS management is characterised by its open manner, obligation to the code of conduct
  • regular availability to submit constructive criticism anonymously within the context of employee surveys and to provide suggestions for improvement

“I’m especially pleased by this outstanding audit result from Intertek,” explains Peter M. Wöllner, the owner and general manager of the CiS Group. “I thank all of the employees and our operations and HR managers on-site in particular for their extraordinary dedication and this excellent audit result. The CiS family provides the framework for a good, trustworthy working environment. It is important to us that our code of conduct is implemented on every level, so that our employees feel well and safe in an atmosphere of respectful treatment,” adds Doris Wöllner, CSR officer within the CiS Group.

CiS is a renowned provider of brand cable assembly, system technology and mechatronics, a reputation founded upon placing sustainable concepts, quality, speed of response and reliability at the service of its customers. In the view of these customers, CiS is now one of the best on the market. In particular, customers appreciate the active contribution that CiS makes to their "total cost of ownership", which in turn promotes and enhances their competitiveness. CiS is committed to systematically expanding this leadership position in the sectors of automation, automotive, banking, mechanical engineering, medical technology, open-loop, metrology and closed-loop technology, transport, communications and railway technology, and in the fields of energy and environmental technology. Once again in 2017, CiS was named as one of the finest employers in the world in a WCA audit conducted by Auditor Intertek, London.

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