Recertifications in the CiS Group

Recertifications in the CiS Group

Recertification in the CiS Group

The cable assembly company and system technology provider CiS with registered office in Krefeld, Germany, and production sites in Czechia and Romania continues to implement its high quality standards. This is confirmed by various auditors as part of recently performed recertification audits.

The quality management system of the CiS Group was reviewed according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and recertified once again. This is a confirmation of the quality policies that have been successfully applied at CiS for years. The CiS automotive SRL in Romania has also been audited according to ISO/TS 16949 and recertified, thus confirming the successful implementation of the high quality requirements for the automotive industry.

As a company that thinks and acts responsibly, occupational safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and the associated CO2 emission reduction are issues of particular concern for CiS and form an integral part of the corporate strategy. That is why it is all the more gratifying that we were able to excel in meeting the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 14001 for an environmentally friendly and a sustainable corporate management as confirmed in the surveillance audit. In addition to the avoidance of CO2 in various projects, an investment in a re-forestation project once again contributed to a reduction in the CO2 footprint of the CiS Group.

The quality management representative for the CiS Group, Mr. Andreas Schmidt, (‘Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.’, Industrial Engineer) is pleased with the good results. ‘The recertification audits confirm the quality practiced at CiS. This reliable high level of quality can, however, only be guaranteed by the performance of all CiS employees.’

As a highly-respected cable assembly provider, CiS focuses on sustainable concepts, quality, speed and reliability in serving its customers, who consider CiS to be one of the leading companies in the market. Customers value, in particular, the active contribution of CiS to their ‘total cost of ownership’ and, thereby, a continual boost in their competitiveness. The strategy of CiS is aimed at further expanding its leading position in the sectors of engineering, automation, automotive, medical technology, banking, instrumentation and control technology, transport, traffic and railway technology as well as energy and environmental engineering.

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