Cable assembly of large series

Cable assembly of large series
Cable assembly of large series

High volume cable assemblies – CiS automotive GmbH

CiS automotive GmbH focuses on custom cable assembly, cable harness and component assembly of high volume production at our location in Romania.

Here, the subsidiary CiS automotive SRL manufactures in particular ready-to-connect cables and cable harnesses in the low-mix high-volume range for the automotive industry and industrial sectors with a high-volume-requirement. Under highest quality standards, lean principles and with help of modern machines and technologies, your cable assemblies are created on more than 2,900m2.

Through mature project-management-capabilities and extensive know-how as an automotive supplier, CiS supports its customers from the earliest development-phase through to series production. This all-round service also includes electrical testing of the end product. Depending on customer requirements, high-voltage tests can be carried out and temperature sensors, impedances, resistances and leakages can be tested.

The quality-management-system is based on customer requirements and the IATF-certification required as a supplier in the automotive sector. In addition, CiS places great emphasis on error-and-risk-prevention, as well as waste and cost reduction. The company also focuses on the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015, as well as the mature occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 48001:2018.

In recent years, the degree of automation in Eastern Europe has continued to increase. Both production locations are based on the principle of lean, just-in-time production. The machinery is subject to the latest high-performance technologies and is firmly integrated into the production lines. This makes it possible to achieve optimum process times, especially for high volumes, and to increase flexibility in terms of delivery times

Our Romanian Locations - specialized in the cable assembly of large scale serial production

Gebäude Hauptsitz in Sibiu

Headquarter in Sibiu

Produktion von Großserien am Standort Axente Sever

Production | Axente Sever

The warehouse and office space can be expanded up to 30,000m2.
Produktion von Großserien am Standort Copsa Mica

Production | Copșa Mică

The facility has 1,550m2 of production area. In 2023 the expansion of the production to 2.750m2 will be completed.

Produktionserweiterung in Copsa Mica

Information on the expansion of the location:

The building is spread over two floors. On the second floor you will find the cutting and crimping area on ca. 200m2 as well as a 400m2 storage area. On the second floor the assembly area has its place on ca. 600m2.

The addition of two elevators allows materials to be transported to the assembly area and finished goods to the finished-goods-warehouse.

CiS supports customers and partners in relocating production in the Ukraine crisis

On the occasion of the war in Ukraine, the CiS-Group stands by its customers and partners with fast and competent support.

If you also need competent support in the relocation of production or are looking for a workplace and/or accommodation for workers and their children which are willing to leave the country, then you are at the right place!

If you are interested in a conversion, please contact us by email at:

We will be happy to help you and stand by your side during this difficult time!

Machinery and technologies

Our machinery includes, among others:

  • KT800 taping machines: These can do economical spot taping as well as taping up to 50% overlap
  • Daisy Chain Pressing Machines & Semi-Automatic IDC Pressing Machines
  • Ultrasonic welding machines: These are responsible for welding strands with different diameters
  • Komax: Possible processes include cutting, crimping, soldering, double soldering, IDC pressing and the fully automatic cutting and crimping of flat cables
  • Injection molding machine: Low pressure injection machines and macromelt injection molding e.g. for headlights.
  • Laser printing machines: Laser printing is our solution to ensure full traceability


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