Highly modern machinery for cable assembly in Europe – we solve every task!

With over 45 years of experience in connection technology, CiS has one of the largest and most diverse machine and tool parks for cable assemblycomponent assembly and HMI in the whole Europe. We can meet almost all customer requirements for metallic stranded wires and cables. The complex demands of our customers require the finest manual work as well as fully automated series production and, above all, flexibility of man and machine. With our ultra-modern machines and highly automated fully automatic machines, we can process many different stranded wires and cables in any batch size without changeover times. Automated processes and batch or sequence production without retooling reduce production time by up to 50 percent, with guaranteed continuous top quality. In this way, we pursue the vision of being the fastest and most reliable cable assembly and system technology provider with customised solutions.

Our machinery includes, among others:

  • Fully automatic machines for processing stranded wires, single wire (cutting to length, cutting, stripping, crimping contacts and wire end ferrules, processing seal contacts, tinning, fitting ferrules, compacting, splicing and welding stranded wire ends, bundling, printing).
  • Fully automatic machines for processing cables (cutting to length, stripping, winding, printing)
  • Fully automatic machines for processing flat ribbon cables (cutting to length, cutting, stripping, crimping, punching, splicing, printing)
  • Stockomats for stranded wires in insulation displacement technology, IDC
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic taping machines
  • Stranded Wire Twisting
  • Marking systems (inkjet printing, laser printing, Tampoflex and hot stamping), label printing and automatic wrapping machines
  • Crimpers (single contacts, strip goods) and stripper-crimper machines with crimp force monitoring
  • Large existing tool portfolio (procurement of all customer-specific crimping tools possible)
  • Automatic injection moulding machines for the injection and overmoulding of plugs, connectors, contacts and electronic assemblies or circuit boards for the injection of seals as well as for the production of components and housings (low pressure: Hotmelt, Macromelt, high pressure: Irogran, Arburg)
  • Soldering and fine soldering work
  • Laminating machines (to process round cables into flat ribbon cables)
  • Machines for processing 3M TwinAx wires
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Mechatronic Integrated Devices (MID)
  • Manufacture of sensors (capacitive, inductive, thermal)
  • Assembly of components, assembly of control cabinets and systems
  • Test fixtures and mostly digital test systems
  • Plastic injection moulding machines
  • CNC-machines
  • Bolting machine
  • Prototyping with 3D printing
  • Daisy-chain pressing machines

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