Join a recognised outstanding employer

What has long been felt by our workforce has now been signed and sealed:

CiS is among the best employers in the world. Using our location in the Czechia as an example, in 2024, the auditor “Intertek” certified that occupational safety, salaries and working hours, health and safety as well as the management system and environmental management were well above the global average.


In addition to these good conditions, CiS also offers you exciting challenges faced by a quality leader in challenging markets. Innovative technology, quality to the smallest detail and recognised reliability are the pillars of our success, which we want to continue to expand with your help. Besides technical qualifications and commitment, we also place particular importance on integrity. Whether in the technology sector, in administration, in sales or in production – CiS gives you the freedom to develop in an innovative company and provides their full support with targeted development and training measures, etc.

Would you like to join our successful family-owned company? Then apply now, – we also always appreciate speculative applications: