Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take responsibility

The CiS Group is involved in many different social areas. Examples are various sponsorships to finance the school education of children in the 3rd world within the framework of Plan International and targeted sponsoring activities, such as operations for blind children and adults of Andheri Hilfe. Among those sponsored are schools, kindergartens, a children’s home, a mothers‘ centre, voluntary fire brigades, football teams and cultural activities and clubs.

Since 2016, CiS has also been supporting the newly founded aid organisation ‚Business for People‘ of the Senate of Economics. The Adveniat aid project ‚El Arranque‘, which Pope Francis personally helped to initiate and which is very close to his heart, is intended to open up better future prospects for young people in Buenos Aires and to convey Christian values.

The topic of international understanding is at the centre of many activities, often with strong personal commitment. Against this background, the CiS managing directors Doris and Peter M. Wöllner, for example, provide the Villa Klinger every year for the Czech-German friendship seminar „Power from the roots“ at your disposal. Since 2013 Mrs. Doris Wöllner is CSR representative of the CiS Group.

ethics and code of conduct

Clarity and truth in action

A company is not measured by its words, but by its deeds. Against this background, the CiS Group has adopted a binding code of ethics and conduct that gives direction to our actions and security to our partners.

A central pillar of our culture is the commitment to integrity. Honesty, openness, striving for justice and trustworthiness determine the actions of our employees – both internally and externally. Examples are the clear separation of business and private interests or the prevention of corruption. It goes without saying that CiS does not enter into business relationships with partners who violate international human rights, e.g. through child or forced labour and gross violation of occupational safety.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct stipulates a non-discriminatory, fair, safe and health-protective working environment. In particular, CiS promotes a balancing friendship between employees of different locations and nationalities. We see ourselves as a CiS family and act accordingly.

Since May 2014 CiS is also a member of the UN Global Compact. CiS will actively support the ten principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Within our sphere of influence, we will promote these principles and are committed to integrating the Global Compact and its principles into corporate strategy, corporate culture and day-to-day business and to promoting the general goals of the United Nations, especially the Millennium Development Goals.

1st Meisterschule Isergebirge

The topic of further education for employees is of great importance for the CiS Group.

In 2009, CiS systems s.r.o. founded the first school for dual training of industrial foremen based on the German model. The reason for the initiative was the fact that the Czech educational system is slow to meet the requirements of industrial companies. Especially in the technical – industrial sector there is a lack of high-quality further education courses such as a master craftsman’s training. In a two-year training programme, 80% of the theoretical learning content of the German master craftsman is taught. The main focus of training is on technical further education and on training in management and organisational skills.

In order to sustainably promote continuous process optimisation in production, CiS decided to take this step in cooperation with the Technical University in Liberec and with the support of the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Prague. The school is located in the CiS training centre in the Hejnice plant and is open to all interested parties. Today, several companies in the region participate in this further education project.

The „1st Meisterschule Isergebirge“ is a complete success and ensures a good and measurable development of German companies Czech Republic.

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