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All our strength for the reliability of your products

The satisfaction of our customers is always the focus of our actions and therefore also the topic „quality“.

The dynamics in our target markets in connection with the advancing globalization let the customer requirements continuously increase and therefore our efforts to meet them.

Already in the 90s CiS started to build up and finally certify the at that time already long lasting experience in the field of quality in a quality management system (QMS) according to the then valid standard ISO 9002. In the year 2001 the certification according to ISO 9001 followed.

Our goal is to establish an integrated management system (IMS).

A certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and partly an occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001 has been introduced at the production sites. Occupational health and safety performance is also checked in audits in accordance with the standardized Work Conditions Assessment (WCA).

The alignment of the integrated management system with the underlying „0-error strategy“ can not only convince external auditors on a regular basis, but in particular ensures that errors and thus additional expenses for our customers do not even arise.

In the operational processes, work is being done in a variety of ways to implement the „0-error strategy“:

  • Comprehensive qualitative incoming goods inspections ensure the quality required by the customer for all components used.
    The processing of the high-quality components according to the manufacturer’s specifications is carried out by permanently qualified employees.
  • All employees are trained with regard to worker self-inspection and thus ensure the quality of their work on their own responsibility.
    The use of in-process tests, such as integrated crimp force monitoring, prevents from the outset that faulty parts are created or can be further processed in the process.
  • A variety of electrical and electronic testing methods are used to ensure the function of the products manufactured by CiS in accordance with customer requirements.
  • A team of motivated quality assurance employees is always available to support the production staff and carry out product audits.
  • 100% of the manufactured products are electrically tested.


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