Electronic assemblies

Electronic assemblies
Electronic assemblies

The production of electronic assemblies is our core competence.

As a specialist for cable assembly as well as electromechanical and electrotechnical assembly production, CiS electronic GmbH offers your company a modern solution for complete electronic systems. CiS electronic GmbH guarantees you a cost-effective and efficient production, good material procurement conditions, customer-specific logistics concepts and an effective quality assurance. As a result, you buy high-quality assemblies from us at attractive prices. Our claim here is the seamless adaptation to your value chain and a reliable and fast delivery – individually according to your wishes.

Electronic assemblies definition

We define electronic assemblies as simple to complex combinations of electronic, electrotechnical and mechanical components. They are used to control and regulate systems, machines and devices. Typically, combinations of the following components are used:

Electrotechnical components

  • Cables, wires and strands
  • Connectors, crimp contacts
  • Contactors, relays
  • circuit breakers
  • transformers
  • actuators
  • switches
  • fans
  • Valves
  • Cylinders

Electronic components

  • control boards, PCB
  • displays
  • sensor technology
  • camera technology
  • Coils and capacitors
  • Diodes, transistors and other semiconductors

Mechanical components

  • Sheet metal parts, plastic parts
  • housings
  • subracks
  • switch cabinets
  • cable ducts
  • feedthroughs
  • Control elements and panels
  • capacitors
  • electric drives
  • printed circuit boards
  • lighting elements
  • cooling and heating components

Plug and Play – assemblies with immediate operational readiness.

Due to function-tested parts we enable an immediate start-up of the components after connection to a power supply. Thus, you use our electromechanical and electrotechnical assemblies without having to make further adjustments and installations.

In addition, we would like to ensure the perfect function with existing assemblies and exclude a delay in your production. For this purpose, we are happy to offer a 100% functional test of your assemblies. If your application does not allow a functional test, we guarantee additional safety and can in most cases at least check continuity and occupancy of your electronic assemblies.

Modern production of electronic assemblies through automation.

Our production in the field of assembly manufacturing is optimized for larger quantities of about 30 to 50 pieces up to several thousand pieces per year. Compared to a classical switchboard manufacturer we can offer real advantages.

  • For sufficiently large quantities, we manufacture your products in a modern, very efficient line production. Here you benefit from favorable hourly rates and high productivity.
  • We offer subassembly production and cable assembly from a single source. Since cables, strands and other electrotechnical components are used in many assemblies, you benefit here from our modern machinery and thus an exceptionally high degree of automation.

We would be pleased to advise you individually on your questions concerning the topic of electrotechnical and electromechanical assembly production.