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All our strength for the reliability of your products. Our vision is to be the fastest and most reliable cable assembly and system technology provider with customer-specific solutions from the point of view of our customers.

Willkommen bei der CiS electronic GmbH!

Jedes Produkt ist nur so gut wie die einzelnen Bestandteile, die seine Funktionalität als Ganzes garantieren. Systementwicklung und Cable assembly gehören nur in die besten Hände – deshalb gibt es CiS.

Seit 1975 stehen wir mit professionellen Lösungen an Ihrer Seite, zuverlässig, innovativ, schnell und flexibel. Als mittelständisches, deutsches Unternehmen liefern wir seit Jahrzehnten kundenspezifische Kabelkonfektionierungen, System technology und vielfältige elektromechanische Bauelemente – ausgereift und in bester Produkt- und Bearbeitungsqualität. Mit individuellen Lösungen aus eigener Herstellung, hoher Flexibilität und einem zertifizierten Qualitätsprozess leisten wir dabei unseren Beitrag zu innovativer und stabiler Produktqualität.

Because every single connection counts - connect with confidence - you too can benefit!

Cable assembly

Experienced, competent and motivated employees and modern machinery are available for commercial and technically optimal solutions.


Commercial products, as customer-specific and reliable as our own products.

System technology

Sie können sich auf Ihre Gesamtlösung konzentrieren, wir bauen die Untersysteme und Baugruppen. CiS electronic GmbH entwickelt, fertigt, prüft und verpackt komplette kundenspezifische Systeme inklusive Gehäuse, Leiterplatten, Verbindungstechnik, Displays, Tastaturen und Schalter.


A stable partner through interdisciplinary competences and countercyclical markets.

This diversity is the program and ensures that the company is independent of individual industry cycles in its risk management. The benefits for the customer are a stable partnership and a transfer of knowledge of best practice solutions from other industries.

CiS solves tasks for many markets, industries, segments and their applications.

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Did you already know?

CiS electronic GmbH again achieves 100/100 points as one of the best employers in the WCA audit

A WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) audit carried out at the production plant in the Czech Republic finds that the workplaces and working conditions such as occupational safety, wages and working hours, health and safety as well as the management system and environmental management are at the highest level and well above the global average as well as that of the country ...

Energy & Environment

Based on this conviction, CiS is an active supporting member of the "World Forest-Climate Initiative" of the Senate of the Economy e. V. ...

Quality Control

The satisfaction of our customers is always the focus of our actions and therefore also the topic "quality". The dynamics in our target markets. ...

CSR - Social responsibility

The CiS Group is involved in many different social areas. Examples are various sponsorships for financing ....

ethics and code of conduct

A company is not measured by its words, but by its deeds. Against this background, the CiS Group has developed ...


All our strength for the reliability of your products.

Es ist unsere Vision aus der Sicht unserer Kunden der schnellste und zuverlässigste Kabelkonfektions– und Systemtechnikanbieter mit kundenspezifischen Lösungen in dynamischen Zielmärkten zu sein.

All our strength for the reliability of your products We do not leave the achievement of this goal to chance. Strategic initiatives, which are an integral part of long-term strategic planning, help to avoid any waste in our processes, ensure optimum security of supply throughout the entire value chain and provide excellent customer service.

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In 2021 the CiS Group is once again one of the best employers in the world

The CiS Group, headquartered in Krefeld, once again belongs to the world’s best employers. A WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) audit performed in a production plant in the Czech Republic determined that the workplaces and working conditions, such as occupational safety, wages and working hours, health and safety, as well as the management system and the environmental management were of the highest standard and considerably better than the worldwide, national and sector average.

Cable assembler CiS automotive GmbH appoints Martin Wöllner as Sales Manager and Authorised Representative

The Krefeld-based family business CiS electronic GmbH has strengthened its management team. CiS, the cable assembly, system technology and mechatronics supplier, with its headquarters in Krefeld and production sites in the Czech Republic and Romania, has appointed Martin Wöllner as Sales Manager of its subsidiary CiS automotive GmbH and granted him power of commercial representation.

Coronavirus pandemic - Statement on the current situation in the Czech Republic

Update 17.02.2021: Our hygiene measures have been successful and we continue to serve our customers with stable capacity. Due to the introduction of test centers at the borders, there may be a few hours delay on the day of delivery. We expect a normalized traffic situation at the beginning of next week.

CiS Group publishes its sixth UN Global Compact Progress Report

CiS electronic GmbH is a medium-sized company in the field of connection technology in the electrical industry and employs over 1,000 people at its sites in Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania. In the sixth year of our active membership, we continue to engage closely and in detail with the Global Compact guidelines and support the values of the Global Compact throughout the CiS Group.

Cable assembler CiS electronic GmbH looks back on a successful 2020

The CiS Group, with its headquarters in Krefeld and production sites in the Czech Republic and Romania, looks back on its successful 45th anniversary year in 2020 and is optimistic about the future.