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Cable assemblies from the heart of Europe

The CiS headquarters is located in the Düsseldorf region. From here, the destiny of the CiS Group is managed, this is where all threads come together.

The individual heartbeat of the customer, the pace and speed of his processes, is the benchmark for our punctual deliveries. Lean processes and the efficient organisational structure of the CiS Group contribute to this.

The materials are mainly purchased in Germany and the finished products are dispatched with a direct connection to the German 24-hour logistics network. Production is carried out by the Czech subsidiary CiS systems s.r.o. in Nové Mésto pod Smrkem at two production sites: in Hejnice and Ludvíkov pod Smrkem. CiS pays special attention to continuous process optimisation and quality improvement. Thus the self-developed production system CPS was implemented and in 2009 the first master school according to the German model was founded in the Czech Republic.

For consulting, sales and technical support, CiS has established a powerful network of branch offices beyond the headquarters to ensure special customer proximity at all times.

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