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CO2-neutral by conviction

Sustainable management and a healthy climate belong together for CiS.

Based on this conviction, CiS is committed as an active supporting member of the „World Forest-Climate Initiative“ of the Senate of the Economy e. V. In doing so, we face up to our responsibility for the future. With very concrete results: CiS electronic GmbH is the first cable assembler to work climate neutrally – the CO2 emissions of all German locations are made CO2  neutral by an already realised reforestation project – verifiable and certified. Parallel to this, we are permanently and intensively working on a holistic strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. The cornerstones of social responsibility, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and CO2 neutrality also define our demands on the supply chain and in product selection.

At CiS, environmental protection and sustainability do not end with CO2 reduction, but also include compliance with international regulations regarding the use of chemical substances. In the European Union, the regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH) and the directive 2015/65/EU (RoHS) are decisive for this. These regulations have the effect that the use of hazardous substances for humans and the environment is prohibited or that a sufficient declaration of the substances must be made.

CiS actively contributes to the implementation of these regulations by encouraging suppliers to comply with these regulations and by sanctioning any violation.

The current overviews of restricted/prohibited substances can be viewed under the following links:



In addition, we oblige our suppliers to comply with further national and international legal regulations, including the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV), the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) and the Battery Act (BattG).

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