Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission
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All our strength
for the reliability of your products

It is our vision to be the fastest and most reliable cable assembly and system technology provider with customer-specific solutions in dynamic target markets.

We do not leave the achievement of this goal to chance. Strategic initiatives, which are an integral part of long-term strategic planning, help to avoid any waste in our processes, ensure optimum security of supply throughout the entire value chain and provide excellent customer service.

Our claim is the smooth, reliable functioning of your products. To achieve this, we focus on quality in the components and in the assembly. Our know-how is at your disposal! We assemble according to your specifications or develop customized solutions for you. Your advantage is our focus: The CiS experts are happy to work with your engineers already in the development phase in order to design the optimal connection solution for your product in terms of function and cost.

CiS works innovatively, flexibly, competently, punctually and at a reliably high quality level. On the basis of these and other measurable facts, it is our goal to be chosen as preferred supplier by more and more customers in the future.

„Connect with confidence“ – you can always rely on this.

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