Defence Technology

Defence Technology

The perfect connection: Efficient and stable cable assembly for modern defence technology

The defence technology market, also known as military technology, is a highly specialised field with strict quality and performance requirements. 

Cable assemblies and connectors play an essential role in this field, as they ensure the reliability and efficiency of the systems. They must be resistant to extreme conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, vibrations and mechanical stress. In addition, cable assembly in defence technology requires high precision and quality. As defence technology evolves, so do the systems and tools used by the armed forces. One of the most important components of these systems are customised cable assemblies. These cable assemblies serve as connecting elements between different parts of a system and enable a seamless connection that ensures that the functionality of the system is guaranteed.

Quality requirements for defence technology

In defence technologyquality requirements are of major importance. Cable assemblies must fulfil strict standards to ensure the reliability and safety of the technology. The customised cable assemblies are weatherproof, robust and dustproof. The cable assemblies go through a 100% quality inspection including electrical test to guarantee complete safety. Our production site is now certified to the VG standard, the highest standard for defence technology, ensuring that our products meet all necessary requirements.

The most important information at a glance:

  • CiS is a member of the standards committee for assembled cables and wires
  • Our production site in Paderborn is certified according to the VG standard
  • Wide range of know-how from over 45 years of experience in connection technology: We have experience and know what is important in cable assembly for defence technology and support you in developing and manufacturing your idea.
  • Weatherproof, robust, waterproof, dustproof and extremely resilient cable assemblies
  • We can offer you a complete system: Cable assembly, component assembly, input system and embedded design – all from a single source and ready for shipment to the end customer.

Connect with CiS! Robust and weather-resistant cable assemblies that keep you connected in all conditions. Experience a comprehensive service – don’t wait, get connected now!