Kabelkonfektionär CiS systems s.r.o. gründete die erste Meisterschule in der Tschechischen Republik

Kabelkonfektionär CiS systems s.r.o. gründete die erste Meisterschule in der Tschechischen Republik

Cable assembly company CiS systems s.r.o. founded the first college for foremen in the Czech Republic

At the GEMINI Conference in District Office of Liberec, the managing director of the cable assembly company CiS systems s.r.o. from Nové Město p.S. was invited to a best practise talk on the topic of “Training”. CiS had already founded the first college for foremen in the Czech Republic for the education and advanced training of its senior production employees back in 2009.

“GEMNI” is a joint initiative of the Czech-German labour market for cross-border vocational orientation and is supported, among others, by the Ministry of Education, the Department of Vocational Training, and the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

“As, in contrast to Germany, there is no dual training system in the Czech Republic, you find great differences in employees’ levels of qualifications. On one hand, there are good technical universities that provide the labour market with well trained engineers and, on the other hand, there are technical schools that provide students with mainly theoretical knowledge.

To close this gap, CiS, together with another German company in the region, decided years ago to create their own college for foremen,” explains Wöllner to the interested listeners.

With the support of the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Technical University of Liberec was convinced to become a partner of this college for foremen with the name of “1. Meisterschule Isergebirge”.
About 85% of the German industrial foremen course content is covered in four semesters of 14 weeks each on a total of 112 teaching days. The missing 15% is not relevant for our purposes in the Czech Republic. The course content is divided into 300 hours of technology, 152 hours of organisation and 137 hours of management. Our “foremen students” complete these approximately 590 hours on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. The companies are responsible for all costs including teaching materials, and students for investing their private free time.

Upon successful completion of the foremen examination, the foremen students obtain their “foreman diploma”, which is signed by the Technical University of Liberec, the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the managing directors of the participating companies. The “master craftsman’s diploma” that is typical for Germany can unfortunately only be granted in Germany and in the German language after completing the master craftsman’s examination.

After passing the exam, we officially refer to our graduates as “Meister” (foreman), thus distinguishing them from the “Mistr”, which is also used in the Czech Republic and whose expertise is not specified.

We expect our foremen to see themselves not only as managers in production, but also as teachers, role models and loyal employees. A foreman cares about the interests of his employees, work safety, productivity, quality, the maintenance of tools and machinery, punctuality and throughput speed. He looks after the reduction of waste and promotes the continuous improvement process.

On the whole, we have had good experiences with this demanding training and can recommend dealing with this topic for sustainable development to all companies in the Czech Republic. The “1. Meisterschule Isergebirge” is located in the CiS training centre in Hejnice and is open to all companies. CiS provides the concept and the premises for free. All other costs are borne by the respective companies themselves.

As a recognised brand assembler, systems engineering and mechatronics supplier, CiS rely on sustainable concepts, quality, speed and reliability in serving their customers. Customers consider CiS to be one of the leading companies on the market. Customers particularly value the active contribution of CiS to their "total cost of ownership" and, thus, to boosting their competitiveness. CiS are aiming to systematically expand their leading position in the areas of automation, the automotive sector, banking, mechanical engineering, medical technology, controlling, instrumentation and control technology, transport, traffic and railway technology, as well as energy and environmental engineering.

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