Kabelkonfektionär CiS systems s.r.o. unterstützt die Förderung der deutschen Sprache in tschechischen Schulen

Kabelkonfektionär CiS systems s.r.o. unterstützt die Förderung der deutschen Sprache in tschechischen Schulen

Cable assembly company CiS systems s.r.o. supports the promotion of the German language in Czech schools

The cable assembly company, system technology and mechatronics provider CiS systems s.ro., with production sites in Hejnice and Nové Město p.S., exports about 90% of its products to German-speaking countries. It is thus not surprising that the company attaches great importance to German-speaking employees. CiS considers German as the “company language” and it is spoken throughout the organisation (except for production) as the principle foreign language.

For Mr. Peter M. Wollner, the Managing Director of CiS systems s.r.o., it was thus a matter of course to accept the invitation of the German and Austrian ambassadors to a very special lunch in Liberec.

On 19 October, the Goethe Institute in Prague interviewed Wöllner along with Dr. Knuth Noke about the importance of the German language in the Czech Republic. The many invited guests included the directors of elementary, middle and secondary and vocational middle schools from the city and the district of Liberec.

The Goethe Institute has long been engaged in promoting the German language skills of students and graduates in the Czech Republic. Knowledge of the German language strengthens the position of students in the labour market and opens up new perspectives for them.

When asked by the moderator why “learning German” is important, Wöllner replied: “Germany is the most important trade partner of the Czech Republic. Both in terms of exports and imports. The Czech Republic exports almost 40% of its total exports to the so-called “DACH countries” - Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means that the German-speaking countries are the Czech Republic’s most important customers, and it can only be to your advantage if you speak the language of your customers. Our company CiS systems s.r.o. here in the district of Liberec creates about 600 jobs that depend almost 100% on these German-speaking countries. That is why our company language is German in the administrative areas.
Our employees communicate on a daily basis with our German-speaking customers and suppliers, both verbally and in writing.
But Germany, Austria and Switzerland are also attracting ever more Czechs as a holiday destination. And cross-border shopping in the neighbouring countries, where many products are considerably cheaper and often better quality, is also booming.”

Wöllner asked the directors of the schools to put more priority on practical experience in their schools. Many students have very good basic knowledge of the German language, but have hardly any experience actually using it. The teaching of commercial terms in the last year of language courses would also be desirable from an industry perspective.

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