Kabelkonfektionär CiS electronic GmbH erhält CO2OL Zertifikat

Kabelkonfektionär CiS electronic GmbH erhält CO2OL Zertifikat

Cable assembly specialist CiS electronic GmbH receives CO2OL certificate

The CiS Group with its headquarters in Krefeld and production locations in the Czech Republic and Romania is focussed on energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. The CiS group has been supporting the “Welt-Wald-Klima” initiative (www.weltwaldklima.de) of the “Senate of Economy” for many years already and has already achieved CO2 neutrality at all German sites.

CiS has been committed to the issues of the environment and climate for many years now and these are an integral part of the corporate strategy iSpeed 2024. "Our prosperity and high standard of living can only be secured through global, sustainable climate protection and a functional eco-social market economy. The UN climate conference showed that international politics are having difficulty achieving the climate targets set. For this reason it is necessary to become active ourselves and to invest in global climate protection now. Companies must face their responsibilities and act accordingly!" explains managing director Peter M. Wöllner.

"We are maintaining our commitment to climate protection and support the CO2OL Tropical Mix Reforestation, Panama project". The project combines the reforestation of mixed forests, sustainable timber production and cocoa farming with the protection of biodiversity and the re-establishment of the forest ecosystem.

Alongside the compensation of CO2 emissions, intensive work has been carried out on an energy resource strategy that will be implemented in the coming years throughout the whole CiS group.

"This is a further contribution to our environmental commitment and a further step towards making the entire company CO2 neutral. The highest priority of course is the reduction of energy consumption", explains Wöllner.

CiS is a renowned provider of brand-name cable assemblies, system technology and mechatronics, a reputation founded upon placing sustainable concepts, quality, speed of response and reliability at the service of its customers. In the view of these customers, CiS is now one of the best on the market. In particular, customers appreciate the active contribution that CiS makes to their "total cost of ownership", which in turn promotes and enhances their competitiveness. CiS is committed to systematically expanding this leadership position in the sectors of automation, automotive, banking, mechanical engineering, medical technology, open-loop, metrology and closed-loop technology, transport, communications and railway technology, and in the fields of energy and environmental technology. Once again in 2019, CiS was named as one of the finest employers in the world in a WCA audit conducted by Auditor Intertek, London.

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