Gründung des Ethikbeirates der Unternehmen im Senat der Wirtschaft

Gründung des Ethikbeirates der Unternehmen im Senat der Wirtschaft

Founding the Corporate Ethiks Commitee of the Senate of economic affairs

Overall, companies are better than their ethical reputation. With the objective of supporting ethical values in the context of an ecological, socially-oriented commerce, the Corporate Ethics Committee of the Senateof Economic Affairs has now been founded in Bonn, Germany. Ulf Posé, the famous business ethics expert, who is also active as a university lecturer and publicist, was simultaneously appointed its chairman.

The purpose of the Corporate Ethics Committee is to promote harmony between commercial decision making and ethically motived action. The guiding principle of the Corporate Ethics Committee is the ‘honourable merchant’. The honourable company supports his behaviour with all of its members and extensive consciousness of responsibility for ethical values, the goal of which is sustainable commercial success in harmony with the interests of its employees, society, and the environment.

In this context, the Corporate Ethics Committee hosts work groups, promotes the development of ethical principals in companies, supports research work on the topic of business ethics, and regularly completes events intended to support entrepreneurs, managers, and employees to optimise the compatibility between commercial activity, human interaction, and the environment within companies. The Corporate Ethics Committee desires to support and accompany cooperation with other work groups, associations, and societies with ethically motivated action in companies.

The founders of the Corporate Ethics Committee are:

  • Dr. Heinrich Dembon, General Manager, business solutions
  • Werner Faber, General Manager, Kon-Part
  • Raymond Opszalski, Group HR Director, Adecco Group
  • Ulf Posé, Owner of Posétraining
  • Werner Stolz, IGZ, General Manager
  • Peter M. Wöllner, CIS electronic GmbH, General Manager

Today, the credibility and success of a company no longer depends solely on the honour of a single owner or board member. The global economy is expanding the scope of responsibility of each and every employee. The cooperation of every employee with colleagues, customers, suppliers and the treatment of different political and legal framework conditions worldwide requires a company strategy that necessitates the ability to generate economic success with minimum expenditure in addition to organising a social environment that takes different cultural and community and political and legal requirements in every region of the world into consideration. Simultaneously, the responsible treatment of all ecological resources is a prerequisite for survival in a world worth living in. This is no longer able to be ensured by the perceived values of an honourable businessman alone. The personal vision of the owner or CEO is no longer sufficient, even if the ethical orientation of values of the owner or CEO provides the necessary basis for the development of a binding guiding principle for all employees and partners.

The Senate of Economic Affairs of Germany
The Senate of Economic Affairs of Germany is an association of personalities from commerce and academia, who are aware of their responsibility to the state and to society. It develops exclusively welfare-oriented impulses for politics and commerce itself. In this way, it cooperates on working to find solutions to the great challenges of our time. In this context, its topics include sustainability, the responsibility of companies, climate protection, and equitable organisation of the future. The Senate for Economic Affairs has a maximum number of 709 members, 700 of which are companies represented by approx. 3,000,000 employees. Information: E-mail:
E-Mail: pose(at)

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