Senate of economy honors cable assembler CiS electronic GmbH for sustainable climate protection

Senate of economy honors cable assembler CiS electronic GmbH for sustainable climate protection
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Senate of economy honors cable assembler CiS electronic GmbH for sustainable climate protection

On the occasion of the BundesConvent of the „Senate of Economy" in the old (building of german parliament “Bundeshaus”) in Bonn, CiS electronic GmbH was awarded with a certificate „Climate Supporter 2020/2021“ for their sustainable climate protection. The award was presented to Doris & Peter M. Wöllner, owners of the CiS group, by Dr. Christoph Brüssel, director of the „Climate Initiative“of the „Senate of Economy“, Lara Digler scientific project manager and Dieter Härte, chairman of the board, among the other senators. CiS supports the “World Forest Climate Initiative” of the “Senate of Economy” and helps global reforestation according to the highest ecological and social standards.

Doris Wöllner presented the practical experiences of the CiS group to the senators in a top class discussion panel with the topic “Chances of sustainable economy through or despite of Corona” under the moderation of Dr. Christoph Brüssel.

„Our sustainable concepts and our for the next five years framed iSpeed strategy have prepared us well for the accelerating changes in the market“. This enabled us to react really fast to the great challenges of the Corona pandemic. On the one hand, we were able to transfer all administrative workstations to the home office without any problems, and on the other hand, we were able to direct our strategically oriented customer acquisition in a targeted manner. Some market segments like the automotive and mechanical engineering came almost to a standstill. Other market segments like the medical technology, boomed in order to provide required medical technology in hospitals. This way we could prevent a drop in sales and successfully continue our market activities.

All German locations of CiS electronic GmbH were already COneutral in autumn 2012 participating in the reforestation project supported by the “World Forest Climate Initiative” of the “Senate of Economy”. The reforestation project supported by CiS is validated by independent authorized third parties according to the "Carbon Fix Standard" (CFS) as well as the "Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard" (CCBS). This initiative contributes with concrete reforestation projects according to the principle - "close to nature, forest, restoration" - to solve climate problems sustainably and in the long run. All other locations of the CiS group are also to be made climate neutral step by step. This economically and ecologically sustainable project, which creates jobs worldwide, is an important investment in the future," explained Doris Wöllner, CSR representative of the CiS Group.

We are really pleased about the award and want to say thank you. Our well-being and high standard of living in Europe can only be secured through a global sustainable climate protection and an eco-social market economy. The UN-climate conferences of the last years have also shown that the international politics are struggling to achieve the climate goals. Even worse is the fact that presidents such as those in the USA or Brazil, for example, are deliberately causing lasting damage to the environment and thus causing immense damage to all of humanity that is as yet unforeseeable. The withdrawal of the United states from the Paris climate agreement is the peak of ignorance. Therefore it is necessary to become active ourselves and become involved in global climate protection now. Companies must become aware of their responsibility and act! We entrepreneurs, in particular, should no longer wait for political guidelines, but take concrete action. A healthy economy needs a healthy climate!

The CiS Group faces up to its corporate responsibility for an eco-social market economy and thus stands for the future of all of us," explains Peter M. Wöllner, owner of the CiS Group.

CiS is a renowned provider of brand-name cable assemblies, a reputation founded upon placing sustainable concepts, quality, speed of response and reliability at the service of its customers. From the perspective of its customers, CiS is now one of the best on the market. In particular, customers appreciate the active contribution that CiS makes to their “total cost of ownership”, which in turn promotes and enhances their competitiveness. Once again in 2019, CiS was named as one of the finest employers in the world in a WCA audit conducted by Auditor Intertek, London.

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