Ehrung der Jubilare bei CiS in Tschechien.

Ehrung der Jubilare bei CiS in Tschechien.

Honoring the jubilarians at CiS in the Czech Republic.

The CiS Group, headquartered in Krefeld, Germany, congratulated long-time and loyal employees on their company anniversaries at CiS systems s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. On the occasion of the many anniversaries, a small, affectionate "pioneer celebration" was organized in the park of Villa Klinger in the Czech Republic.


In total, the honoring took place for 38 employees who have been with the company for 10 years. Another 27 employees were honored for 15 years of work at CiS  and 28 employees even for 20 years of company affiliation.


In the Czech company alone, CiS has more than 120 employees who have helped build the company for more than 10 years.


"I must say that today I am very proud to be able to thank so many long-standing and loyal companions. We have been through many ups and downs together and have always been committed to being there for our customers.

Even during the Corona pandemic, many of you worked countless hours of overtime and extra shifts to ensure that our customers, and especially our medical technology customers, were supplied with our products. In this way, we also made an important contribution to the supply in many hospitals around the world.

I would like to pass on the thanks of many customers who were very pleased that they can rely on us even in difficult times," said Peter M. Wöllner, owner of the CiS Group.


The year 2021 is a special year in CiS history. 20 years ago, Peter M. Wöllner, bought the dilapidated Villa Klinger and lovingly rebuilt it. Today, more than 30 colleagues from that time are still active in the company, some others are already in well-deserved retirement.

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